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One of the most exciting parts of Digital Marketing for operators and RTOs alike is being able to take ownership of your direct sales.

Investing in a conversion driven website is the important first step to ensure that your taking advantage of this highly-qualified traffic, but once you have taken this step, Paid Media offers phenomenal ROI. You will find that you can generate leads at a far lower cost than the 15%+ often taken by OTAs.

Clients with established brands can see acquisition cost for as little as 2-4% of their average sale price!

Choosing your platform

Identifying the correct platform to use is crucial for the success of your campaign. While there are many to choose from, it is important to be able to target people when they are in the decision-making process, to get the best bang for your buck.

It is crucial to leverage user data now too, whether that is using cookie tracking to re-serve ads to customers that visit your website without converting, or using sophisticated audience profiles and serving ads programmatically.

Google Ads

Search Specifics

Google search is the bread and butter for many operators. Google.co.nz, the original google search engine, enjoys a 96% market share in New Zealand. That means that nearly every single search looking for holiday activities is going through Google.

Google search offers some of the best ROI, as you are serving ads only when someone is searching specifically for you, or for an activity in your area. You can use it to combat the dominance of OTAs who show when people search for your product, or you can make sure that you are top-of-mind when potential customers are searching for top activities in your region.

Find out more about how we help operators achieve amazing ROI or drive preference for an entire region.

Display Domination

Display advertising – the banners and image ads that you see everywhere – is an important part of you Paid Media campaign. The Google Display network covers millions of the top websites and Apps used daily, and their targeting tools let you drill down on exactly who your audience is.

Consider using the display network for remarketing too – and ensure that your brand and products are top-of-mind during the whole planning phase.

Facebook Advertising

Nothing in life is free, and Facebook is fantastic proof of that. Scandals over the last year have let people know exactly how much information Facebook knows about you – the price for using their services for free.

Because Facebook offers large and colourful ad formats, and extensive targeting and remarketing tools, it is more useful than ever as an advertising tool. Use it for remarketing and ‘abandoned-cart’ campaigns, and watch the conversions roll in.

Programmatic Display

If data is your thing, then programmatic display advertising is going to blow you away. Pulling data from a number of different sources, programmatic is able to identify users with incredible accuracy no matter where they are in the buying process.

Researching trips to NZ? No problem!
Just landed in Auckland and about to travel South? We can do that!

Serving dynamic and engaging ads to people at the perfect stage of their holiday – it’s a winning combination.

Maverick Digital partners with a top Australian company to ensure the quality and accuracy of our programmatic campaigns.

Speak to Maverick Digital today about how we can design and launch a Paid Media campaign to make 2019 your most successful year yet!

Meet Kelly, Campaign Specialist

Right audience, right message, right time: Driving value through Paid Media is both an art and a science. I ensure our clients see high-impact returns on their paid media investment. 

  • Tamaki Maori Village
    The Maverick team has a clear passion for tourism, a wealth of knowledge with online customer experience, online marketing & ultimately booking conversions. We are very pleased with the results we have had so far.
  • Whakarewarewa

    The way you do your business is exceptional - you are all ‘can do’, love to go the extra mile, and get really excited about our product. Only two months in, our conversion rate is double what it was this time last year with our old website. I think that speaks for itself?

  • Rotorua Canopy Tours
    We have been working with Alex and the Maverick team for 5 years now - their dedication to making our business successful has never been doubted and as a result our business has gone from strength to strength because of their work.
  • Destination Coromandel
    We have to be focused on reaching our target markets with the right content in order to maximise our spend. Maverick Digital provide the expertise to make this connection work cost effectively.
  • Southern Lakes Helicopters
    Alex and her team at Maverick have been fabulous in putting together our new website – which we love, and are proud to show to the world. At all stages Alex kept in touch and listened to our thoughts and ideas and built these into the site, along with all the enhancements that the Maverick design team brought to the table. We are delighted with the end result!
  • Hobbiton Movie Set

    Working with the Maverick team has been a breeze. They understand our business needs and have quickly become a trusted and expert source of information on all things Digital. The monthly reports, regular comms and calls from Alex and the team ensures we are close to the data and are getting the best bang for our buck.