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EcoZip Adventures is a certified climate positive, award-winning native forest experience located in the heart of Waiheke Island.

With a such a world-class and unique product, EcoZip was in need of a market-leading tourism website to match. 

Insights To Digital And Tourism - Maverick Digital

As fun and visual as the product itself

Built on open-source WordPress, the new fast and secure site launches with video clips of dual ziplining action – rather than a static image and text. This ‘showing rather than telling’ plays to Google’s mobile first indexing (and 75% of EcoZip’s traffic is mobile). 

EcoZip logo

EcoZip Adventures - Maverick Digital

For an eye-catching and playful element beyond the images, there is the unique use of custom vector animation – two harnessed figures zipping across the homepage between sections. This captures EcoZip’s USP: the fun of racing your friends on dual ziplines. 

Flexible and future-ready

Updated font and layout reflects the updated branding. Information is clear, with a simple hierarchy that makes it obvious how to travel through the site, finishing off with a new booking system integrated into the site. The new site structure allows cost-effective future expansion of the website as the business grows, with easily duplicated pages. 

The new website will play a starring role in EcoZip Adventures making the most of new opportunities within the fast-changing tourism landscape. Additionally, we have partnered with Gavin, Dana and the team across digital strategy, paid media and ongoing SEO to ensure the company drives as much value as possible from the online space into the future.

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