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    Sustainability at Maverick Digital

Mother nature is the driving force behind tourism – our environmental wonders inspire exploration the world over. As an industry, we have a responsibility to reduce the environmental impact of all that we do. Us Mavericks are obsessed with minimising our footprint, with our approach to sustainability being key to all that we do.

We are proud to be a certified Carbon Positive company, thanks to our partnership with Trace.

But that’s not all! Our wider sustainability commitments include:

  • Following the Tiaki Promise and contributing to the TIA Tourism 2025 & Beyond – A Sustainable Growth Framework.
  • Minimising paper, water, electricity, and waste usage by being mindful of what we consume while in the office.
  • Supporting the Kea Conservation Trust by being corporate members – we love this cheeky, colourful alpine parrot that’s also critically endangered.
  • We head out of the office for a day every year to support our clients’ sustainability efforts. In 2022, we’re heading to Waiheke Island to collaborate with EcoZip’s tree planting work.

We’re committed to ensuring tourism in New Zealand continues to be both a sustainable and viable industry both in the short and long term. When managed well, tourism has the power to benefit so many stakeholders – from environmental conservation, to host communities, small businesses and social impact initiatives.

Our commitment to sustainability goes further than Maverick Digital as an organisation. Because of the wide range of operators and organisations we work with in tourism, we’re constantly guiding, supporting and helping to communicate our clients’ sustainability efforts; from Zipline providers to destinations, luxury lodges and diving operators.

Keen to chat, or to swap ideas around sustainability efforts? We’d love to connect! Reach out to our GM, Nicole Botting at nicole@maverickdigital.nz or call the office direct on +64 9 972 0100.

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