• Redwoods Treewalk

Online innovation to match one of NZ’s top tourism products.

Although a relative newcomer to Rotorua, only opening its door (well, giant spiral staircase anyway) in 2016, the Redwoods Treewalk has cemented itself as a leader in the New Zealand tourism industry.

Winning the inaugural 100% Pure New Zealand award from Qualmark in 2019 showed just how far they had come in just three years. Unfortunately their website was not able to offer the same fantastic experience as the Treewalk.

Bruce and the team from Redwoods Treewalk approached Maverick Digital for a new online presence that would bring their digital experience in line with the physical.

As different as night and day

The new website was a ground-up re-imagining of how Redwoods Treewalk should be presenting themselves in the digital space. One of the truly unique selling points for the experience is the ability to go during both day and night-time, and the difference between the two.

Along with the 28 swing bridges, there are 30 lanterns designed by world-renowned designer and sustainability champion David Trubridge. The magical Redwoods Nightlights Treewalk shows the forest in a completely new light, with glowing lanterns winking between the trees.

Our goal was to take these two versions of the Treewalk – green and vibrant during the day, magical and glowing at night – and bring them into a single website where photos of the magnificent forest hero the product.

The Website

The website was designed around the incredible images of the Treewalk. Because they were so clear and vibrant, we could let them do the heavy lifting of selling the product, making the site clear and functional to assist in converting traffic to sales.

To highlight the difference between the daytime and Nightlight products, we used two themed throughout the site. Green and Brown for daytime to reflect the vibrant colours of the forest, and black and fuchsia for Nightlights reflecting the colours of the spiral staircase welcoming you up to the treetops.

Content rationalisation was important, as core information was scattered across the old website under many different pages and endless scrolls. These were combined onto larger, optimised pages, with a strong focus on SEO. Continuous Organic Traffic growth since launch shows the success of this approach.

Working with our friends at Yonder we integrated an AI chatbot into the website, helping visitors find the right information at the right time. The feedback provided by Yonder allows us to constantly change and update the website, continuously improving the user journey and increasing conversion rates.

As with every Maverick Digital website, we delivered a completely bespoke design on top of an open-source CMS – in this case WordPress. Redwoods Treewalk maintain complete control of their own website.

The Result

The goal was to produce a website that captured the beautiful and unique experience, particularly the change experienced between night and day.

As Rotorua Treewalk continues to grow and develop their offering (Keep your eyes on this space! They’re not sitting still) their new website will continue to grow and develop alongside.