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After 30 years as New Zealand’s most award-winning cultural attraction, Tamaki Māori Village embarked on a brand refresh in 2019. Their new brand story focused on capturing Tamaki’s storytelling roots, cultural ties and reverence for land, family and spirit; paying homage to their company’s rich tourism history at the same time embracing their future ambitions.

Tourism Websites - Tamaki Māori Village - Maverick Digital

As Tamaki’s digital partners, Lady and the team approached us to design and build a digital presence that would bring the brand to life in the digital space – creating an online experience for cultural storytelling unlike anything else in the world.

Tamaki’s Online Journey

This project was a redesign and redevelopment of an existing site, one that was already achieving solid returns in traffic and online revenue gains. Our challenge was to lift the game in every way – using our insider knowledge of Tamaki’s audience, combined with our understanding of online travel booking behaviour, we set out to craft a site that was like nothing the world had seen in the cultural tourism space to date.

Tamaki Māori Village - Maverick Digital

Tamaki Māori Village - Maverick Digital

Bringing the site to life

Through out the design and build process we continuously tested and iterated design concepts and development techniques, to create a website full of elements never combined before.

Core website elements:

  • Quick-load video overlays. Videos layed on top of each other to combine both the natural and human elements of Māori culture adds a deeper, more spiritual element to moving footage
    Pepeha Creator. This interactive tool becomes part of the learning experience and offers users the opportunity to create their own Pepeha, which is the way Māori introduce themselves – “Which Maunga has shaped you, where are the waters that call your name”
  • Highly specialized written content. From staff interviews to the integration of myths, legends and historic Tamaki stories, the site’s written content dives deep into the layers of the Tamaki offering and its past, present and future
  • Content-led designs. The stories section of the site – pages which focused on the more contextual elements of Māori culture – were designed after the content was created, not before. This made for a richer, more seamless user experience as every design decision is based on the narrative of the content – not on whether it will fit within a pre-prescribed page layout
  • Mobile and desktop friendly. The website was built to serve mobile and desktop audiences equally well for their different stages in the purchasing journey, but was weighted towards the mobile experience as this is where the bulk of Tamaki’s audiences were purchasing from.

The Result

The website delivers world-class storytelling and meaningful, interactive user experience. Early engagement numbers are encouraging, and we will continue to refine and optimize the site post-launch.

We’re incredibly proud of this build as it has broken new ground in the cultural storytelling space.

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