• Destination Kaikoura Re-brand and Development

A place of stunning natural beauty, where the sky, land and sea flow into one another.

Known mainly for this beauty, along with the marine life from whales to crayfish, Kaikōura was in need of a brand refresh to match the digital to the natural.

Ko te rangi te korowai o te maunga me te whenua, ko te awa te hononga o te rangi ki te tai Ko te taiao te mauri o Te ahi Kaikōura a Tama ki te Rangi.

Translation: The sky is the cloak that covers the mountains and land, the rivers connect the sky to the ocean, the environment is the life force of Te ahi Kaikōura a Tama ki te Rangi.

A modern take on a retro classic

Guided by the beautiful Tauparapara above from Te Rūnanga o Kaikōura, and enlisting one of the best branding designers in New Zealand, Maverick Digital worked to capture what makes Kaikōura so unique in a single snapshot.

Keeping away from the stark, modern wordmarks proliferating in the industry, the new Destination Kaikōura logo plays with the interconnectedness of the land and people, while drawing inspiration from ‘Modern New Zealand’ design. Capturing the natural elements with a modern and striking font, we developed a retro roadtrip-inspired badge for the region. The new Kaikōura logo is as much at home on the side of a surfers van as it is in an international campaign for the region.

With a variety of colourways inspired by and named after the stunning scenery of Kaikōura, expect this logo to be iconic for years to come.

Capturing character and designing delight

The new destination website for Kaikōura follows on from the same ideals as the logo – new, modern but with a quirk and character unique to the town.

A situation many regions find themselves in, Kaikōura was faced with a website that was no longer fit for purpose. Built without the ability to grow and scale, a solution was required that would allow the team at Destination Kaikōura to support local businesses, promote local events, and most importantly tell local stories. 

Built from the ground up in the open-source Silverstripe CMS preferred by Tourism New Zealand and designed to showcase the best of what the region has to offer, this fast and secure site captures the flow of the natural elements and brings stories and adventure to the forefront. 

Uniquely Kaikōura, and uniquely created by Maverick Digital.

A website that embodies a truly unique destination