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Digitally re-branding NZ’s most famous bathing experience

Polynesian Spa have been world leaders in mineral bathing since 1972, when the iconic establishment was built – on the same site of the historic bath houses that put Rotorua on the map on the 1800’s.

Polynesian Spa - Maverick Digital

In 2019, the company embarked on a re-brand to add a more modern narrative to their company story, and to bring cohesion between their spa and bathing products.

After completing the re-brand, Polynesian Spa approached the Maverick team for website redevelopment that would bring their new brand to life in the digital space and embody top UX practices.

Bringing the re-brand to life

The re-brand focused on the essence of Polynesian Spa, and what makes the offering unique from other health and wellness providers. This being specifically the two different types of water – alkaline and acidic – that have come together from the depths of New Zealand to offer an experience that is one-of-a-kind. The new website needed to drive online sales of the business’ wide product range while embodying the essence of the new brand. The new logo, brand story and colours gave us the opportunity to build an exciting, bold and modern online experience.

Website Development - Maverick Digital

The website 

This project was a complete re-skin of their existing website using the new branding. The existing site structure and content was performing well, so we made minor tweaks to the user experience and rolled out the re-brand look and feel across the current user processes.

The new branding was rolled out to create a bold, modern online presence. The circular design found in the logo was used throughout the site to create a soft and natural feel, and the blue and orange colours helped to add definition.

Due to the large product and experience offering, we placed Polynesian Spa’s products and experiences at the core of the website. Navigation tools, graphics, colours, and menus were used to provide a seamless user experience, where consumers can move through a number of different products and experiences easily to choose which suits them best. Different shades of blues and greens were used for bathing experiences and different shades of orange were used in relation to the retreat (spa) experiences.

A completely bespoke design using the open-source WordPress CMS, Polynesian Spa have full access and control to make any changes to their site.

In the first month the site was live, the conversion rate doubled – and Maverick Digital has been Polynesian Spa’s digital partners ever since.

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