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Storytelling meets Content Strategy meets Digital. It’s a modern match made in tourism heaven. 

A snappy tagline or a witty Instagram post is one thing. But telling memorable and engaging stories with your unique and authentic voice across all contact points with your target audience is quite another. Leveraging the power of social media by tourism social media experts in an authentic way has been a proven strategy.

Having a consistent and on-brand approach to content will grab the attention of your target audience in meaningful and memorable ways. Like finalising their decision to book with you. And what could be more meaningful than that?

Whether it’s in the form of website copy and blog posts, an email newsletter or that quick and quippy Instagram post we mentioned before, clever storytelling serves to nurture audiences through the travel decision making funnel, inspiring them to take action.

Tourism-savvy content marketing

Our in-house copywriters are tourism-savvy social media experts. They’re also adept at developing content strategies, topic clusters and all those solid building blocks that support compelling digital stories. Those stories drive engagement and action from potential or previous travellers. Delightful.

But it’s not just the storytelling that is delightful. Google visibility is always at the forefront of everything we do. So if we’re writing copy for a website, you can rest assured that a best-practice SEO approach is completely baked-in. Your next client won’t realise that the travel blog they’re reading over their afternoon latte is precisely what you wanted them to see.

Social media for tourism

Social media is highly visual, highly engaging, and highly motivating for travellers who are researching their next break away from it all.

When it comes to social media for tourism, posts focused on beautiful scenery, unique experiences and tidbits of curious facts about the region you operate in all earn gold stars with Instagram and Facebook users. And that makes sense, doesn’t it? People love to document, share and brag about going on holiday just as much as they love to dream about travel. So taking part in that online conversation as a tourism operator or organisation will serve to make you more qualified in the eyes of a post-dinner, pre-bedtime, second-screening social scroller planning their ultimate holiday.

We see social media as a ‘flywheel’, helping to super-charge positive word of mouth with inspiring content that reaches new audiences and engages existing followers. It’s also the most fun, most conversational component of your content strategy. And you can bet that our copywriters love stretching their fingers to type out some witty Instagram posts to brighten their day (despite what we said at the start).

At a Glance

  • In-house, tourism-savvy copywriters
  • Experts across all platforms – from Facebook to web and EDMs
  • Content that nurtures audiences through the travel research process and inspires action

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