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Driving cultural empowerment through a first-of-its-kind Aboriginal tourism experience.

Spirits of the Red Sand was launched in December 2017 and is the only Aboriginal Cultural Dinner and Show of its kind.


Spirits of the Red Sand


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Web Development - Spirits of the Red Sand - Maverick Digital

The essence of the experience is a strong social conscience; it’s as much about entertainment as it is about sharing a culture and its history with the audience. Social enterprise and community empowerment are at the core of the Spirits operation.

The Spirits team have been working with Maverick Digital from the get-go, initially collaborating on naming, branding and launching the business in 2017. Since then, a holistic approach to digital has driven awareness, engagement and bookings for this first of its kind experience. A spectacular website, complemented by tactical paid media, consistent social messaging, continual SEO activity and an integrated communication plan to all stakeholders has ensured Spirits is seeing YOY growth as the business becomes an established Queensland tourism product.

Communicating the brand’s essence through digital

The new Spirits of the Red Sand website offers a modern, user friendly and inspiring take on the Spirits of the Red Sand experience. The imagery and footage used creates an emotional connection between the site visitors and experience on offer, inspiring brand engagement and online sales.

Spirits’ digital presence was rolled out across all touch points, ensuring a seamless and powerful customer experience.

Driving awareness through tactical paid media

With Spirits of the Red Sand still a new product to the Australian visitor market, the goal is to drive brand awareness with a clear focus on those travelling in market – both international and domestic. The combination of tactical Facebook, Instagram and Google Ads strategies have driven a 150% increase in website traffic YOY, achieving ‘right place, right time’ messaging and ensuring the Spirits of the Red Sand product is steadily becoming a true Australian tourism icon.

Organic social to share a message

A unique and engaging social media plan supported the drive for brand awareness, while also balancing the need for important social impact messaging. Spirits’ primary social channels – Facebook and Instagram – focus on sharing the wider context behind the product itself, and often begin conversations around cultural empowerment and first nation issues. The creation of this engaging community space gives Spirits not only a space to tell the story behind their brand and their products – with a 93% increase in website social referrals YOY – but also helps visitors connect with the positive community impact their experience has.

Industry recognition after only two years in business

In November 2019, Spirits won Bronze in the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Tourism category of the Queensland Tourism awards. Up against businesses who had been in operation for decades, this win illustrated the power of the Spirits social impact and cultural empowerment mission – as well as how the company’s brand and digital elements have come together to create a professional, stand-out offering.

We love working with businesses who are on a mission to empower indigenous cultures through tourism, and are inspired by the impact Spirits has on its team – all of whom are direct descendants of Aboriginal mobs; their families experiencing many of the events that are brought to life in the show.

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