• Best Practice Digital And The Australian Travel Bubble

    Best practice digital and the Australian travel bubble

Aussie Aussie Aussie!

With the upcoming announcement of a date for the Australia travel bubble, there’s no better time to get your (digital) ducks in a row with a best practice marketing plan.

Know your Aussie audience

Upskill yourself on all things Aussie traveler. The better you know your audience(s), the more impact your ads and activity is going to have. Tourism New Zealand have some excellent and extremely recent pieces of research to help guide your knowledge. Check out their info on Aussie visitors and their post-pandemic intentions to travel. 

Target current and potential travelers

Pay attention to what we call the ‘spending trap’ . Before beginning any activity, consider where you’re going to see best bang for buck.

  • In Australia, the cost per click and cost per thousand impressions is likely to be nearly double what it is in New Zealand. Before doing anything in Australia, consider how you can leverage the work of TNZ and your RTO in this space first.
  • When you’re considering platforms to use, think about how well you’re able to target intent. Running Google Ads in Sydney, while expensive, is likely to get you in front of highly qualified users. Running Facebook ads in the same place will not, as you’re targeting people likely to be interested in your offering, not people showing intent.

Ensure you understand all the digital tools you have available.

  • Create campaigns using custom audiences in Facebook such as ‘Currently Travelling’, which targets people in New Zealand who are away from their hometown.
  • Ensure you have a mix of First Touch and Remarketing/Conversion advertising in place.
  • Consider whether you need to protect your brand in Google Ads – Search against OTA’s. Brand campaigns are cheap, and stop you losing the conversion to a middle-man who will charge you 15 – 30% for the booking.

Organic social to spin the feedback flywheel

Word of mouth is the oldest trick in the book when it comes to marketing. Hearing, reading or seeing a recommendation from someone we trust is the most powerful way of influencing purchasing behaviour.

And this is where the power of the ‘Feedback Flywheel’ comes in to play for new AU audiences. Once you get the flywheel spinning, you’re leveraging user generated content and positive word of mouth to generate visibility, engagement and guest bookings.

  • UGC, or User Generated Content, is gold when it comes to nurturing word of mouth. Add as much UGC to your newsfeed as you can by re-sharing posts that guests have tagged you in.
  • Know what types of posts drive the best engagement  and use these topics to help guide content creation
  • How are you incentivizing people to share their photos after travelling with you? Especially important once AU travelers begin to arrive.

Turn locals into tour guides – use your consumer database!

Have you been building up your domestic database? How can you leverage this? Consider reconnecting with previous visitors with an offer to bring their friends and family along.

When connecting with your database, remember to focus on engagement and quality content.

  • DON’T send an email with ONLY a pitch or offer
  • DON’T send a one-off email and forget to contact – keep databases engaged
  • DO create a content sandwich for engagement
  • DO use a Google Analytics campaign link – track conversions for ROI

Leveraging Tourism New Zealand

TNZ drives visibility for New Zealand in offshore markets among active considerers. Consider how you can leverage this ongoing campaign investment, and all of the high-quality, qualified users coming to the newzealand.com consumer site.

Ensure your TNZ listing is up to date. Refresh the photos from new ones that you’ve collected this summer or give the content a once-over for accuracy and appeal to the Kiwi and Aussie markets. Make sure you load deals too!

Now is also a good time to review any other digital listings that drive decent traffic through to your website so you know your holistic presence online is accurate – consider your RTO listing, as well as other places where you might feature.

Get involved in Tourism New Zealand’s Facebook Operator Ads rollout. It’s a great idea to get in touch with TNZ directly for more info. We’re seeing extremely solid ROI from the clients we have that are participating in this; essentially it is allowing TNZ to drive more tangible, ROI-focused impact to operators from high-funnel marketing spend.

Refining and optimising into the future

Recovery is going to be a slow burn. The stronger you make your digital presence now, the better position you are going to be in in the long term as you drive Kiwi and Aussie visibility and then set your sights on international markets.

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